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T-Mobile Offers Dads Free Data for a Year, With a Catch

Cellular carrier T-Mobile is known for offering short-lived and enticing deals tied to big holidays. In keeping with its MO, the company will provide a special Father's Day plan this Saturday, June 18th, with "free" data for a full year.

As you may have guessed, there's a catch. The promotional plan, available for one day only, does include $10 per month of free data.  The trouble is that the data bucket includes 200MB per month, which isn't much. In addition, only new customers or those who have been contract holders for 18 months or longer can qualify.

What's more, to get the Father's Day plan you need to sign up for a contract that also includes unlimited talk and text, which at the moment costs $59.99 per month.  For a more realistic 2GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text, the rate is $79.99. Still, T-Mobile will shave $10 a month off of this price for those who purchase bigger data plans ($69.99). It's also $69.99 for unlimited talk, text, and 200MB of data.

So the choice really comes down to paying $59.99 a month for not much data, or opting for a discounted $69.99 monthly plan (usually $79.99) that includes 2GB of data access, $10 more, but only for a year. It's better to go for the lowest number of voice minutes, 500, with unlimited text and 2GB of data for the same $69.99 a month. The price won't go up after a year, either.