Best Gaming Laptops Under $1,000

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Gaming laptops can put a serious dent in your wallet, with some of the fancier models costing upward of $3,000. But who says that the right rig has to cost an arm, a leg and the soul of your firstborn? Fortunately for the fiscally conscious gamer, there are some sub-$1,000 notebooks that can run graphically taxing games like Tekken 7 and Mass Effect: Andromeda at solid frame rates.

And thanks to Nvidia's new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti GPUs, you might soon have the ability to hook up a VR headset so you can start busting baddies in the virtual world. Best of all, you can use all that money you just saved to splurge on a top-notching gaming keyboard or mouse

If you're curious how these laptops rank by brand, check out our Best and Worst Gaming Laptop Brands to see how notebook manufacturer handles gaming systems. 

So without further adieu here are the best gaming laptops under $1,000.

Best Overall Budget Gaming Laptop: HP Omen 15

The HP Omen 15 has been redesigned with an eye-catching chassis; a clicky, responsive keyboard; and an easy-to-remove panel to upgrade the hard-disk drive, solid-state drive and RAM. Add in a bright, vibrant display and some nice, loud speakers, and you have a gaming notebook that will enthrall you.

Key Specs: CPU: 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU * GPU: AMD Radeon RX 550 GPU with 2GB of VRAM * RAM/Storage: 8GB/1TB 7,200-rpm HDD * Display Size/Resolution: 15.6/1920 x 1080

Best Productvity:  Origin Eon15-S


This 15-inch gaming laptop is fairly portable at 5.2 pounds and packs good overall performance, thanks to its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics. You also get decent battery life and an understated design that stays cool while fragging. It's a great choice for gamers on a tight budget who don't want to make too many compromises.

Key Specs: CPU: 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300 HQ * GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB of VRAM * RAM/Storage: 8GB/256GB M.2 PCIe SSS with a1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive * Display Size/Resolution: 15.6-inch/1920 x 1080

Best Graphics Performance: Lenovo Legion Y520

For an entry-level laptop, the Legion Y520 and its Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU can kick some butt. During our testing, the laptop delivered surprisingly high frame rates and was one of the few budget systems able to run the Metro: Last Light benchmark. In addition, it's got a sleek, tapered look and the strong performance of its Intel Core i7 CPU.

Longest Battery Life: Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop

 Thanks to its 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 has more than a pretty red face. It has plenty of power to play most of your favorite games (on medium settings) and can multitask with the best of them. If you're looking for a gaming laptop that can deliver solid framerates without blasting a hole in your wallet, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop should at or near the top of your list.

Key Specs: CPU: 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU * GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 2GB of VRAM/Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU * RAM/Storage: 8GB/256GB SSD * Display Size/Resolution: 15.6-inch/1920 x 1080

Best Audio: Acer Aspire VX 15

Clad in black, red and silver, the Aspire VX offers a sturdy grip and a somewhat-premium look. In terms of gaming, the system's Core i5 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU should provide solid performance on both fronts -- provided you don't try to use it with overly taxing games or work. But where the VX 15 really shines is its audio thanks to its speakers that are well-balanced and surprisingly powerful.

Key Specs: CPU: 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU * GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB of VRAM * RAM/Storage: 8GB/256GB M.2 SATA SSD * Display Size/Resolution: 15.6/1920 x 1080


Best Design:  Alienware 13

What's imposing and badass on a 17- or 18-inch laptop is downright adorable on a 13-inch rig. The $999 configuration of the Alienware 13 keeps the trademark customizable lighting of its big brothers, including the gorgeous backlit keyboard. But this laptop is more than a pretty piece of tech, packing a 7th-gen Intel Core i5 processor and an Nvidia GeForce 1050 GPU, which should deliver good frame rates on its admittedly low-res 1366 x 768 display.

Key Specs: CPU: 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU * GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 2GB of VRAM * RAM/Storage: 8GB/180GB M.2 SATA SSD * Display Size/Resolution: 13-inch/1366 x 768


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  • Maria Says:

    Thank you very much. I will get a new laptop soon

  • omegatalon Says:

    Intel has just released some of their GEN 8 Coffee Lake family of Core processors and it's best to wait a couple of weeks because all of the machines in this article will be discontinued and refreshed with a much more powerful and efficient GEN 8 processor.

  • killingmachine Says:

    hello i think you are are the best in the world.

  • Asa Ackerman-Leist Says:

    The dell Inspiron i5577 gaming laptop is going to be released soon. It's a steal for $800, with the 1050 and 7th gen i5. It's a steal for 800.

  • Abdulrahman Says:

    The rog gl552 can be found in 4Gb Of VRAM not 2 Gb VRAM and not with 829$ unless its used. It's actually with 1050$ on the Asus store

  • Himanva Says:

    Hey I gotta doubt.asus rog gl552 gotta 960M but the omen gotta 1050M so omen gotta be the better choice right?

  • Haileyesus Says:

    I am surprised that the Acer Aspire vx 15 has not been considered here. It is way past two weeks since it's been made available on both acer store and amazon, But Laptopmag has not been able to include it in this list. For $999, the VX 15 comes with i7-7700HQ, GTX 1050Ti, 16GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. It's such a great deal.

  • SQLDS Says:

    Wao, did you even read your own article?

  • KJKody Says:

    The Asus (number one gaming laptop on a budget) is $2000 right now, not $979

  • EmmaJ Says:

    The HP Pavilion Laptop is actually a stunning laptop. If you go the HP Store you can actually customize this laptop with the same if not better specs than the laptop at the top of the list for only $860 (is what I'm buying mine for). It may be an HP Pavilion, but it ultimately comes down to the computer's specs, not its brand name.

  • Justin Says:

    With 4gb of VRAM at 800 dollars, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 should have easily won over the ASUS ROG.

  • Soupy Says:

    The Dell Inspiron 7559 can be found for $700-$750 routinely. It has the i7-6700HQ, GTX 960 with 4GB (not 2GB), 8GB RAM. It is the CLEAR winner and blows the Asus out of the water. More VRAM and over $200 cheaper.
    You really need to update this, even in March the Dell won.

  • Daniel needs a laptop Says:

    your article clearley shows that the Asus ROG GL552 is not 979 dollars on amazon it is somthing like 1400 i would like the link to the offer for 979$ respond to me by email please

  • Kumar Says:

    Which one of these has best display quality ?

  • Huy Truong Says:

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 comes with a GTX 960M 4GB VRAM not 2VRAM and it's a clear winner for only $800

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