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Sprint Launches Bubblicious Online 3D Video to Promote the HTC Evo 3D

Sprint's breaking out the bubbly. In an effort to show off the HTC EVO 3D's titular feature, Sprint has released its first online 3D video. The "Bubble Mania" video combines a flash mob with a lot of bubble solution and giant bubble wands with a lots of adults and children for a whimsical day in the park.

Shot by video production company Peck Media, "Bubble Mania" is part of a marketing video series called "EVO 3D: Basics of 3D."  Set to "Aquarium" from the musical "Le carnaval des animaux", park-goers squeal in delight and look on in wonder as the giant bubbles take form in crystal clear 3D. Throughout the 1 minute and 52 second video, a few people can be seen taking video with their own EVO 3D's, further driving home the point that the phone allows users to watch and create content in 3D.

Watching the 3D version of the video without benefit of 3D glasses leads to telltale double images with blue and red shadows. Thankfully, Sprint also shot the video in 2D for those of us that don't have a pair of 3D specs handy. Check it out below.