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Sennheiser Announces Amperior and HD 700 Headphones at CES

LAS VEGAS -- Think you've got enough headphones? Think again. Sennheiser has unveiled their latest pairs of headphones at CES 2012, for the discerning, fashion-forward audiophile.

The new Amperior headphones take design cues from Sennheiser's HD25 DJ headphone line.  The sleek on-ear cans are available in either blue or silver aluminum. The adjustable headband ensures a comfy fit while the rotating ear cups enable one-sided listening. But the Amperior's aren't just for show. According to Sennheiser, the headphones deliver "natural, lifelike sound reproduction with a frequency response of 16 to 22,000 Hertz," thanks to the powerful neodymium magnets. Optimized for iPhone, iPod and iPad, the Amperiors come with an additional cable that controls volume and track selection. It can also work with Siri and make calls.

Sennheiser is also releasing the premium HD 700 headphones. The black and silver over-ears have a decidedly high-tech futuristic look. The HD 700's ear cups have an open design that shows off the 40 mm Duofol transducer, which is the heart of the headphones. The ear cups are positioned so the sound waves hit the listener's ears at a slight angle, creating a more natural listening experience. A stainless steel high-precision gauze, complete with a patent-pending new shape, prevents any vibrations that could add distortion to the sound.  Another new feature is the ventilated magnet system that controls the airflow in the ear cups diaphragm, cutting down on distortion and creating bright treble, deep rich bass and a crystal clear sound.

Both sets of headphones will hit stores sometime in March. No word on pricing for the Amperiors but the HD 700 headphones will be retailing for a steep $999.95 -- indicative of their premium status.