How to Search for Words and Phrases in Windows Books

Recently updated in the Creators Update, Books is now a full-fledged reader. And as a full-fledged ebook reader, you’d expect certain tools to come with it, with search being one of the key ones. Well, you’re in luck, because Windows Books, like a PDF reader or Kindle, makes it downright easy to find quotes, figures, and statistics in any book with just a few keystrokes.

1. Open Edge.

2. Click the star icon near the top right of the browser window.

3. Select the books tab in the pop-out window.

4. Choose any book you’d like to search and click to open it.

5. Click the screen anywhere within the browser window to bring up the menu.

6. Click the magnifying glass icon in the menu.

7. Enter the the term you’d like to search for, and press enter to search.

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