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Samsung and LG May Unveil First Curved Display Smartphones This Month

A smartphone with a bendable screen may sound like something straight out of a science fiction film, but that technology could end up in your next smartphone. Both Samsung and LG are rumored to reveal smartphones with bendable, virtually unbreakable curved displays as early as this month.

Samsung has been showcasing its flexible displays for quite some time, but the company has reportedly confirmed that the first smartphone to use this tech will debut during the second week of October. According to Korean news source Digital Daily, Samsung’s mobile chief JK Shin said that this phone would be a limited edition of the Galaxy Note 3 with a curved display.

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At the same time, LG is readying a curved display smartphone of its own, according to ZDNet’s Korean branch. Reportedly dubbed the LG Z, the bendable display device is already in production and is set for an unveiling later this month.

However, this doesn’t mean that new smartphones from LG and Samsung will actually be able to bend, since internal components such as circuits and batteries aren’t flexible. Rather, manufacturers will use flexible properties to make smartphone screens unbreakable and to make devices even thinner and sleeker.

Although LG and Samsung may be preparing to announce such handsets this month, don’t expect to get your hands on one too easily. Chances are both smartphones will be in limited supply when they do launch, which is likely to happen in Korea.

This marks the first time gadgets with curved displays will be available for commercial use--suggesting that this could become a standard for future mobile devices. Apple hasn’t formally announced that it’s dabbling with flexible display tech, but a report from earlier this week said that it’s currently testing bendable screens for the alleged iWatch. An Apple patent published earlier this year also describes a phone with a display that wraps around the entire device, providing some insight at the types of design innovations that could result from flexible displays.