Samsung Promises Two New iPhone 6 Killers

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Galaxy vs iPhone 6

Samsung just took a big financial hit because of slowing growth in mobile, but the company is ready to come back swinging. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Galaxy phone maker is planning to release two new high-end handsets to take on Apple's upcoming iPhone 6.

Samsung mobile senior VP Kim Hyun-Joon mentioned the two devices during an earnings call, though he was light on specifics. He noted that one device will feature a large display, and that the other will utilize "new materials." This second device could be the rumored Galaxy Alpha, a 4.8-inch device that ditches the typical plastic Galaxy build in favor of a sleek and sturdy metal casing. 

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The larger device could be the Galaxy Note 4, the potential follow-up to Samsung's popular phablet from last year. The purported Note 4 has been rumored to sport a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 display, and may even boast a curved body. 

As reported by the WSJ, Samsung's profits fell from 7.77 trillion won to 6.25 trillion won over the past year, marking a 19.6 percent decrease. Samsung attributes this loss to overestimating demand for its smartphones. The new Galaxy S5 flagship did well critically, but it looks like Samsung didn't move the number of units it was expecting.

With two new iPhone models expected to come through the pipeline, it's more important than ever for Samsung to make a splash. The holiday shopping rush is almost here, so we expect to learn more soon about Samsung's promised devices. 

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