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Samsung Announces Three New Wave Smartphones

We've just arrived in Berlin for IFA, and even before we've hit the showroom floor Samsung is making big news with the announcement of three new phones running the Bada 2.0 OS. The upcoming handsets are the Wave 3, the Wave M, and the Wave Y.

It looks like the Wave 3 will be the flagship device for Samsung's line of Wave phones, and according to This is my next, it was one of the three devices in Samsung's app earlier this week. As far as specs go, the Wave 3 sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, a 1.4-GHz processor, and a 5-megapixel camera. The Wave M and Wave Y are lower-tier iterations of the Wave 3, with the Wave M rocking a 832-MHz processor, a 3.6-inch screen, and a 5-MP camera. The Washington Post says it's also the only device of the three with NFC support, though apparently NFC support is built into the Bada 2.0 . It looks like the Wave Y runs the same processor but a smaller 3.2-inch screen and a lower-resolution 2-MP camera.

All three phones offer messaging through ChatOn, Samsung's proprietary program. Bada 2.0 also adds multitasking, Wi-Fi Direct, and voice recognition. The Wave 3, M, and Y will be on display at Samsung's IFA booth--and we'll be going hands-on with the three devices at the show.

via This is my next, The Washington Post