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Pure Jongo Wireless Speakers: Bright Color, Big Sound in Every Room

Pure’s subscription-based, on-demand music streaming service isn’t available stateside yet (current word is sometime in 2013), but at CES Unveiled tonight the popular U.K. Spotify competitor is releasing new hardware in the big 50. Say "Hello, Guvnah!" to the Jongo line of wireless streaming devices, a new fleet of colorful sound-kickers that can broadcast audio from room to room of your home via your local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

Headlining the speaker set is the Jongo S340B (pictured left), a tank of mobile sound that packs in four tweeters, an upward-firing subwoofer and five speakers with individual power amplifiers. Can you say “Boom,” cause that’s some power in a wire-free, standalone speaker. According to Pure, the S340B has a battery that will keep you dancing for 10 hours. This packed speaker costs $229, and is available in all black, or white with black, burnt orange, lime green, mango or white speaker grilles (spare covers cost $30).

Jongo fans can either purchase and connect more S340B speakers to their home network or buy the larger Jongo T640B (pictured background). This speaker slings tracks with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but it packs 2 custom-designed, 5-inch, full-range boxes and includes a stand for landscape and portrait orientation as well as a wall mount.

The last bit of the Pure Jongo equation is a high-fidelity wireless adapter (pictured right) for corded home audio networks that need to go wireless. Connect the Jongo A140B up to a grounded sound system and notes dance the airwaves via a 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analogue converter), optical-coaxial digital and dual phono outputs.

Jongo products stream music from any source including the local storage of any connected device, other streaming services like Rdio or Spotify and the freshly updated Pure Connect app for Android and iOS devices or Pure Connect website with access to online radio channels and podcasts (but not the Pure Music on-demand subscription service, which isn’t available here).

Just keep this in mind: there’s no pricing or availability for the latter two Jongo devices yet. The entire system will be on display at CES 2013, however, so we’ll find out if this speaker set sounds as lively as it looks.