Print Up A Hairstyle For Hairtastic Barbie

Last year at Toy Fair Barbie's techy side was on display. Between the uber popular Computer Engineer Barbie in the I Can Be... line and Video Girl Barbie's embedded chest camera, Mattel's flagship doll was getting her geek on. This year Barbie is all about her renewed love for Ken and her newest career: Architect. However, I was endlessly amused and impressed with Mattel's ingenuity over on the fashionista side of things.

The Barbie Hairtastic line includes a doll that comes with hair girls can print patterns on with an inkjet printer. Yes, hair that can safely go through any normal inkjet printer. Girls can design funky colors and patterns or even print a favorite picture. Then, using special clips included with the doll, they can attach the hair to Barbie and to their own head.

It's a trip, I know. And unfortunately I didn't get to see any printing in action. Personally, I'd be afraid of hairs getting caught up in there, but Mattel say it's safe. I do like the idea, though. Adding a streak of multicolored, crazy patterned hair to your head temporarily should be everyone's right. And with the printing technology, girls can experiment with a lot of wild stuff.

The Hairtastic Barbie doll will cost $29.99 and come with sheets of hair ready for printing. Parents can buy more extensions for $14.99. This doll and her hair will hit store shelves in the Fall.