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New Amazon Kindle Fire: 40 Percent Faster, Ships Sept. 14th for $159

The No. 1 item sold on is getting a refresh from the company. Jeff Bezos took the wraps off the company's new and improved Kindle Fire today. The new$159 model contains a faster processor, longer battery life and double the RAM of last year's model. Amazon promises 40 percent faster performance from the new model. At this price, Amazon undercuts the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet ($179) and the $199 Nexus 7. 

"In less than a year, Kindle Fire is 22 percent of tablet sales in the US," Bezos said during the announcement. Units will begin shipping next Friday, September 14th. With the new model, users will continue to enjoy access to Amazon Prime video and e-book content, as well as 50,000 apps in the Amazon Android app store. 

Stay tuned for our hands-on and full review.