Smartphone-Based Mirabook Laptop Goes On Sale

While it may have sounded like vaporware, the Mira in the Mirabook (which we first saw at CES 2017) might not be short for 'mirage' after all. Yes, this 13-inch notebook that creates a laptop view for your smartphone is now on sale (though only via IndieGogo, so it's not final yet).

Starting at $180 for early bird purchasers (who have until the 22nd), this notebook exists for those who prefer their smartphone over their laptop, and wish they didn't have to switch between devices. The Mirabook arguably improves on the smartphone user experience, providing a larger screen and full-size keyboard. 

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This way, you have the option to type emails on a full-size keyboard, and (when paired with a third party gaming controller) a much bigger display (1080p at that) for your favorite smartphone games. It's also a port-rich notebook, with an SD card slot, HDMI, 2 USB Type-A ports, a headphone jack and a USB Type-C port for charging.

Compatible with Android, Windows Phone and Ubuntu phones, the Mirabook connects to phones via an integrated USB Type-C cable. Once connected, it displays your phone's contents using such technologies as Microsoft's Windows Continuum, Samsung DeX desktop experience and the Remix OS.

The Mirabook is also one cool laptop, with an aluminum chassis that comes in midnight black and a glowing Miraxess (the company who makes it) logo, which almost looks like a plane about to take off.

We also look forward to testing the Mirabook at Laptop Mag, to see if it stands up to the hype and matches the 24-hour battery life Miraxess promises.

Image Credits: Miraxess/IndieGogo.

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