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Microsoft Surface Wins 2012 Tablet World Series

Like the San Francisco Giants, who swept the Detroit Tigers in four games in Major League Baseball's World Series, Microsoft's Surface tablet totally dominated the competition in LAPTOP's Tablet World Series, zooming past the Nook HD+ and Google Nexus 7. The Surface then destroyed the Transformer Pad Inifnity TF700, with 76.9 percent of the vote.

Microsoft's first foray into the tablet hardware market inspired the public with its sleek design, innovative Touch Cover and brand new Windows RT operating system. "The Microsoft Surface is burning the hell out of [the Transformer Pad] with its better design, fresher UI and the 100,000 apps coming in 2 months that Android doesn’t have(tablet apps)," commented user Maka.

Though the Surface didn't launch with a ton of apps, users were bullish about the tablet's ecosystem expanding and inspired by its strong battery life, innovative accessories, and spacious 32GB and 64GB storage options. When we reviewed the Surface, we were most impressed by all of these features, along with the fully-functional version of Office 2013 Home and Student that comes preloaded on the device.