Microsoft’s Surface Duo flipping in this video tickles my toddler-like attention span

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We spy with our little eyes the Microsoft Surface Duo! Microsoft’s foldable “communication device” (the tech giant is hesitant about calling it a phone since it’s so much more than that) is poised to be released this holiday season, but YouTuber Israel Rodriguez, spotted a pre-release unit on Vancouver’s Skytrain.

The dual-screen device would capture even the shortest attention span with its “flippy” design. Indulging in some mobile entertainment on his Microsoft Surface Duo, the commuter enjoyed some light gaming on single-display mode. And then, like a magical book, the user opened the device to reveal two 5.6-inch screens. The commuter accessed an app on the right screen while allowing the Android home page to hang out on the left screen.

The Microsoft Surface Duo was also seen being converted into a “tablet-esque” mode - where one app takes over both screens as they’re stacked up vertically for a larger 8.3-inch display, which Microsoft calls “extended canvas” mode.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Rodriguez’s video spotted a front-facing LED flash on the Surface Duo. This is fascinating because when the Surface Duo was announced last fall, there was no trace of the flash in Microsoft’s promotional video. The tech giant boasts that the Surface Duo’s camera will be “world class.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  It’s also worth noting that the spotted Surface Duo also seems to be a little bit thinner than its promotional model.

It’s clear that there are some UI wrinkles that still need to be ironed out; the commuter seemed to have some difficulties with responsiveness. Bugs are expected, though, since this Microsoft Surface Duo device is likely a production sample. According to The Verge, some developers have access to the snazzy foldables to test and create apps, which is a good explanation for why we’re seeing the Surface Duo out in the wild.

Watching the spy video of the user finagling with the flippy Microsoft Surface Duo - from tapping away at a fun mobile game to engaging with a dual-screen, book-like display - satisfies my inner hyperactive, toddler self, and I’d love to get my hands on one to keep myself entertained during my morning commute.

The release date for the highly anticipated dual-screen device is toward the end of the year, so there’s still more time for leaks - and hopefully, more spy videos - of the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Kimberly Gedeon

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