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Microsoft Surface Starts at $499, $599 with Touch Cover Keyboard

Wondering how much Microsoft's Surface RT tablet will cost? Wonder no more. For a brief period of time this morning, the fabled Surface tablet was available for preorder through the Microsoft Store website. Microsoft quickly yanked the listing, but not before crucial details about the tablet were revealed.

Three flavors of the Surface RT tablet were listed: the basic 32GB version, sans that intriguing keyboard cover, costs $499 -- the exact same as an iPad. Ponying up $599 adds the Touch Cover to your order, while upping that to $699 keeps the touch cover and doubles the internal storage to 64GB. 

Those prices dispel the theory that Microsoft would undercut its Windows 8 OEM partners to sell its tablet at a vastly discounted price; instead, the Surface RT cost is pretty much in line with the cost of an iPad. When Microsoft puts the order page back online, it appears as though the Surface RT tablet will be available for preorder for an expected delivery date of October 26th -- the very day that Windows 8 and Windows RT launch.

Image/information via Engadget