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Smaller 7.9-inch Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Rumored for June

The smaller Surface tablet rumors are back. According to Digitimes, Microsoft is working on another Surface tablet, this time in a 7.9-inch screen for between $249 to $299. The smaller tablet, slated to launch in June at the Microsoft Build conference, will supposedly run Windows RT. Samsung will provide the display panels while Nvidia will add a Tegra CPU.

There's also the possibility of another 10.6-inch Surface coming down the pike, however that won't come until the third quarter at thee earliest. The Build event will also see the launch of Windows Blue, a Windows 8 update that promises several improvements, including the ability to boot straight to the desktop.

So far, the Surface and Surface Pro haven’t set the tablet market on fire. According to IDC, Microsoft shipped 900,000 units during the first quarter, well behind both Apple’s 19.5 million and Samsung’s 8.8 million. However, a smaller, more affordable Surface could have potential.  

Intel’s CEO predicted that Windows 8 touch devices would sink to $200 last month. Such a device could run Intel’s upcoming quad-core Atom chip (codenamed Bay Trail). However, Microsoft opted for an ARM-powered Nvidia Tegra 3 processor inside the original Surface.

Via Unwired View