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Microsoft Surface Pro Drops to $699, Still Not Worth It

With its Surface Pro 2 already available for sale, Microsoft is slashing the price of the original Surface Pro by $100, in the hopes that it can shed its remaining surplus stock. The price cut sees the price of a 64GB first-generation Surface Pro drop from $799 to $699, while a 128GB version of the slate falls from $899 to $799. This is the second $100 price cut Microsoft has issued for the original Surface Pro.

But is the slate really worth $699? Not really. The Intel Core i5-powered tablet lasted just 4 hours and 37 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test, which involves continuous Web browsing over Wi-Fi with the display brightness set to 40 percent. Compounding the issue was the Surface's poor camera quality and lack of an included keyboard, which costs an extra $120.

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All totaled, the year-old Surface Pro will still cost you roughly $819 for the 64GB version and Microsoft's Touch Cover keyboard. Spring for the 128GB version and the $129 Type Cover, and you'll end up forking over $928. For that kind of money, you can easily swing a more powerful 13-inch laptop with a better keyboard and touchpad, not to mention a far longer battery life.

And if you really want a Surface, you're better off spending $200 more for the Surface Pro 2, which offers a longer lasting battery, a more colorful display and a faster Haswell chip. Stay tune for our full review.