Microsoft's Surface Headphones Just Dropped to $189 for Prime Day

Now this is what I call a deal. While supplies last, you can get the Microsoft Surface Headphones for $189.99 during Amazon Prime Day. Usually, these noise cancelling headphones are priced at a premium $349.99. That means that you're getting a savings of 46%, which is sure to make your budget happy.

But budget aside, Microsoft's first entry into the headphone arena is pretty impressive. In our review, we noted the comfy, sleek design, excellent connectivity and the ability to connect to multiple devices. But where the cans really stood out are in their innovative adjustable active noise cancelling. The headphones have 13 levels of noise cancelling made possible by the eight integrated mics - four of which are beamforming which isolates ambient noise. It's not as good as what you'll find on Bose or Sony headphones, but it'll still shut out a majority of outside distraction.

Another standout feature is the controls that utilize both dial controls and touch panels in a seamless fashion. And then there's the actual audio quality. The Surface headphones deliver a spacious soundstage with powerful bass and well-balanced highs and lows. We're not fond of the always-listening Cortana feature as it drains the overall battery and also, who's using Cortana as their digital assistant?

But for the price, the Microsoft Surface Headphones are an absolute steal. 

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Sherri L. Smith
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