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Microsoft Teases Darker, Sleeker Surface Book 2 (Update)

Update: It looks like this teaser might not be a new Surface Book at all. According to a tweet from Dropbox's Rudy Huyn, the potential Surface Book 2 tease is simply an edited version of a promo image for the original Surface Book. It's unclear whether or not the Instagram post is still meant to hint at a possible successor. 

The successor to Microsoft's Surface Book notebook is almost here, and it's looking quite pretty. The Redmond tech giant teased the new laptop in a recent Instagram post, which shows off what appears to be a black, redesigned version of Microsoft's 2-in-1 with the caption "your key to success." 

While it's hard to glean a ton of info from a close-up shot of a keyboard, the photo does seem to tease a reworked, sleeker-looking hinge. The original Surface Book had a unique-looking fulcrum hinge that kept the screen from being top-heavy, though the hinge's many ridges were a bit of an eyesore. 

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The hinge on this potential Surface Book 2 photo looks more compact, which, combined with a new black coat of paint, could make Microsoft's flagship hybrid a real stunner. 

The Surface Book 2 has been rumored to be launching in early 2017, to coincide with the release of Microsoft's Windows 10 "Redstone 2" build. But if the company is teasing the Surface sequel this early, perhaps we'll see one in stores this fall.

We were mostly big fans of the original Surface Book, thanks to its gorgeous display, strong battery life and useful pen features. However, we had some frustrations with the laptop's touchpad, and found the notebook frustratingly difficult to open. Hopefully those issues will be resolved with the Surface Book 2, a machine we'll likely learn more about as the year progresses. 

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