Microsoft Tool Makes it Easy to Switch from Mac to Surface

Microsoft may be looking to steal some of Apple's thunder -- and some of its laptop users.

The tech giant has released a new software tool, called Mac to Surface Assistant that makes it easier for you to take the data on your Mac and bring it over to the Surface computer of your choice. The tool, which was earlier discovered by The Verge, helps you transfer everything from documents to photos.

Interestingly, Microsoft didn't formally announce the tool and the link to download it is now offline. It's unclear whether Microsoft took down the link after posting it prematurely or if it's temporarily disabled.

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Whatever the case, Microsoft's tool is the latest in a growing number of ways Microsoft hopes to get Apple's Mac owners thinking seriously about migrating to Windows. Indeed, after Microsoft unveiled new Surface devices last year, some said that the company had a better computer unveiling event in October than Apple did with its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar show. Microsoft's Surface Book has also been considered one of the best challenges to Apple's MacBook Pro.

Whether a new migration tool will actually help Microsoft attract Mac converts is unknown. It's not necessarily difficult to transfer files and folders from one operating system to another, and cloud storage has quickly become a nice way to quickly send content from one device to another. But Microsoft apparently wants to take as many steps out of the process as possible.

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