Top Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch Cases

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The Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet packs quite a punch, offering features that far exceed its predecessor. The HDX’s 2.2-GHz quad-core processor, 4G capability, 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution and longer battery life are all clear enhancements to the smallest tablet in the Fire lineup. There’s even a built-in Mayday button for instant tech support. So if you plan on spending the $229 to get your hands on this tablet ($329 with 4G) you will want to make sure it is well-protected. We have you covered with the best cases available for the new Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch.

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  • Michele Says:

    The kidcase and otter box both STINK. Our Kindle screen shattered in both of those cases. We're on our 3rd Kindle and can't find a case for it, so it sits in the closet not being used.

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