iPad 2017 Review Roundup: What Critics Think

We're testing the new 2017 iPad, but some critics have already put their thoughts online. Apple's newest slate seems to be exactly what most people expected: a reasonably priced tablet that's speedier than the old iPads (minus the Pros), but nothing game changing.

So is this worth an upgrade? Here's what reviewers think (we'll have our definitive review up soon):

The Verge

"It is an iPad," wrote The Verge's Dieter Bohn, who looks at this update as a reason to upgrade only if your old iPad is on its last legs and you want a new one at an affordable price. He also points out that because the screen and glass aren't laminated, it doesn't look as nice as the iPad Air 2. "Fundamentally, what I am trying to tell you is that this is an iPad," he wrote. "You trust that iPads are decent tablets and that they have a basic level of quality, speed, and functionality."


"If you have the original iPad Air or older, and are looking to upgrade, the 2017 iPad is unquestionably a good buy," Mike Wuerthele wrote at AppleInsider. There's nothing revolutionary about it, and he recommends iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro owners stick with what they have. But the new A9 CPU is speedy, and the cheap price hasn't affected build quality.


Dan Ackerman at CNET also focused on value. "This is a great first iPad for someone new to the brand, or an opportunity to update from an older model that doesn't support iOS 10," he wrote. Like other critics, he also lamented the loss of the anti-reflective laminated coating and points out that it's heavier than the iPad Air 2 it replaces.

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Jesse Hollington at iLounge also focused on price, but appreciated the specs, too. He found the A9 CPU to be fast enough for casual use and its battery lasted for 13 and 16 hours on their browsing and video rundown tests, respectively.


"Even with its obvious shortcomings, the 2017 iPad is worth considering as long as you know what you’re getting into," wrote Jeff Benjamin at 9to5Mac. He was disappointed by the lack of a laminated display and the return to the thickness and weight of the original iPad Air, but the A9 processor, long battery life and Touch ID are enough for him to recommend it at, you guessed it, a value price.

Bottom Line

The new iPad seems like a safe play. It doesn't change much, and in some cases, it backtracks. But the price is right, and anyone who has an iPad that's hanging on to life by its fingernails finally has an affordable upgrade option, but those looking for Pro features should stick with the more expensive iPad Pro lineup. Our review will be available soon, so keep it locked to Laptop Mag.

Photo: Apple

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