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Iomega Unveils StorCenter PX Network Storage Devices: High Performance for Small Business

Iomega announced today a new line of network storage devices for small and mid-sized businesses, the StorCenter PX Server Class Series. The SATA drives of the px4-300d line feature 1TB, 2TB or 3TB storage capacity. High performance models feature even greater storage --  four-bay and six-bay desktop models (px6-300d) are available that boast up to 18TB of network storage, as well as four-bay and 12-bay rackmount models (px4-300r) that feature up to 36TB of network storage. 

Devices in the PX Server Class Series boast a number of features designed to increase reliability and allow for continuous operations. Using EMC LifeLine software, Iomega's new network storage devices offer users the ability to configure their backup and restore options, including the option to save system properties, users, groups, share names and permissions, making it particularly easy to clone configurations across multiple systems.

The software also offers a number of security features, such as the ability to secure data on an encrypted volume using an assigned password; Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), which allows users to securely transfer data between computers over a network; and video surveillance support, which allows users to store and encrypt video surveillance for 4 to 48 cameras and supports Axis, Panasonic, and Bosch IP cameras.

Other features include an energy-saving Wake-on-LAN feature, which powers on PX Server Class devices when a specific signal is sent over the network; a SMART Hard Drive Monitor that continually checks on the status of all the drives in the system; and Iomega Personal Cloud technology, which connects all of the servers in a company's PX Server Class Series to other devices over the Internet.

The Iomega StorCenter PX Server Class Series are available for purchase now. The px4-300d servers start at $699, the px6-300d desktop servers start at $899, the px4-300d rackmount servers start at $1,699 and the px12-350r rackmount servers start at $4,999. All of the devices in the PX Server Class Series feature three-year limited warranty.