How to Reset the Kindle Paperwhite

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Have you forgotten the password for your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite? Worried you'll never be able to access anything again? Never fear, you can reset your ereader to factory settings. But this process will delete all content you may have downloaded. You can redownload that content from Amazon's cloud, but you'll have to go through the set-up process again. Here's how to reset your Paperwhite

1. Tap the menu button, which looks like three horizontal lines. Then tap Settings.

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2. Tap the arrow next to Registration. 

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3. Tap Deregister. kindle paperwhite how to g03 620x400

Bonus tip: You can't reset a Kindle Paperwhite if the parental controls are set up. However, you can reset your Kindle by using "111222777" as the Parental Controls password.

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  • Melissa Says:

    Thank you. I was finally able to reset a Basic Kindle with parental controls that I am giving away.

  • Sybil Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This still works. I have a basic e-reader (8th generation) for my kids and was trying to set up the Voice Now feature for my daughter, but you can't use it with the parental controls enabled. The problem was I couldn't get them to turn off! I even called tech support and he didn't know what to do. I tried unregistering it and even connected it to another account. It was just stuck and there isn't a way to reset it when parental controls are enabled. Well, the 111222777 password did the trick! Thanks for the back door! You are my favorite person right now. :D

  • Frank J Thomas Says:

    I have a new Kindle paperwhite, and want to set-up as my default kindle

  • paul Namemustbefivecharacters Says:

    Bonus tip for the win!
    That factory password did the trick for my locked up kindle. Thaaaank!

  • phillip Says:

    This is stupid advice. If you've forgotten your password, how the hell do you log in to the kindle in order to tap the stupid menu button?

    This is like telling people who's email is down. to send in a trouble ticket via email to...

  • Thomas Wyatt Says:

    I need to reset the password for Betty,s paper white kindel#3.I tried the 111222777
    reset but it didn,t work.

  • Apratim Mukherjee Says:

    That really worked for me on. Simply dereg , sync , reg did not work as first few links on Google suggested and also could not reset till I could locate this very precious easter egg . Looks to me this is the only way to get rid of lost/unknown/dont_know_how_the_parental_password_was_set_when_I_did_not_do_anything situation on kindle. Amazon really should give an option to control this from the My devices page at amazon.

  • Mathew Says:

    I have a Kindle Paperwhite, so everytime I boot it but after some seconds it wil bring a message saying: Repair Needed & below it says please contact Kindle Customer Service, which we dont have in Zambia - Africa, thank you

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