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How to Use Google Now on the Nexus 5

Google Now, Google’s personal assistant app, is one of Android’s best features. The service’s voice commands can be used to search your phone or the web, launch applications, make phone calls, send text messages, and perform countless other tasks. Google Now’s cards provide helpful information when you need it most, like driving directions and current traffic on your commute before you head in, the score of your favorite team’s last game and even breaking news and weather alerts.

Though it doesn't have the always-on voice detection of the Moto X, the Nexus 5 provides a deeper Google Now integration than most phones. Here's how to conduct a voice search and access the Google Now cards on Google's flagship phone.

1. Say "OK, Google" on the Nexus 5 home screen to launch voice search. Alternatively, you can tap on the search box at the top of the home screen to perform a text search, or tap on the microphone icon to launch voice search.

2. Say a Command or search term. You can use your voice to search your phone or the internet for information, or issue commands like “Send a text message,” “Setup a meeting,” “Navigate to IKEA” or several other commands.

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3. Swipe from left to right while on your Android default home screen to access Google Now. Here, you’ll find several cards with relevant at-a-glance information like driving directions home as you approach the end of your workday, birthday reminders for Google+ contacts, and sports scores.