How to Get the Nook App on Kindle Fire

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You just bought a Kindle Fire but the book you want is only available in Barnes & Noble's Nook store. No problem. You can easily access to both libraries by installing Barnes & Noble's Nook app on your Kindle Fire.

But how could this be possible, you ask? Simple: The Fire uses a heavily skinned version of Google's Android operating system. As a result, you can install nearly any Android app on the fire that you want. So how can you get the Nook app onto your Fire? Just follow these easy steps.

To get the app, you'll have to side-load it onto the Fire. You'll have to download ES File Explorer from the Android Market, as well as the APK files for the Nook app and install them on your Fire. For detailed instructions on how to side-load apps onto the Fire check out our how-to guide.

Once you've installed the APK files onto your Fire, launch the installer for the Nook app.

Once the app is installed, you can immediately sign in and start downloading books from the Nook store.

Having both apps on the same device may seem somewhat redundant, but in reality, the Kindle and Nook stores have different libraries. So if you can't find a book in the Kindle store, you'll always have the option of searching the Nook store.

On top of that, both stores have different pricing models for certain books, which could save you some coin in the long run.

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  • Allie Says:

    I followed these instructions and it successfully installed but will not open now. When it first installed it let me log in and then closed. Suggestions?

  • Sarah Says:

    I second Ellie! Thank you so much Twisted Shadow! One simple yet critical detail and I couldn't seem to find it anywhere else!

  • Ellie Says:

    Thank you TwistedShadow!!!!

    Like you I spend countless hours trying to find the download for Nook app for Kindle Fire. I started to doubt that it existed. I became so frustrated. I read countless sites, some very popular, but none listed a link to actually download the app. Some sent you to Getjar, which didn't work, some to Handogo (sp?) as well as others....and some gave instructions on how to get the app into the Fire, but none listed where to actually get the app....none that worked that is. I would say, if you're gonna give instructions, give it in its entirety.....not half-assed, which I certainty got enough of today to last a life time. I was beginning to feel inept. Thanks to you, I'm redeemed! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the link, which seems to be a secret.

  • TwistedShadow Says:

    I had to find a site to download & save the Nook.apk file rather than auto install as most app downloads do.
    I found it here:
    I hope it helps. I wasted an entire afternoon trying to follow half detailed instructions here.
    good luck folks

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