How to Boost the Volume of Your Nexus 7

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Just wish the volume on your Nexus 7 was just a bit louder? How are you supposed to listen to your favorite Pandora station when it sounds like it's whispering the songs to you? Well, thanks to developers, you can boost the volume of the Nexus 7 by simply adding a quick program and setting it up. Here's how.

1. Open the Play Store on your Nexus 7.

2. Search the store for Volume+ or Speaker Boost. Volume+'s paid version is better than Speaker Boost but Speaker Boost beats Volume+'s free version. Try both and let us know in the comments which you prefer.


3. Click and install either whichever app you decided to try first and open it. For Volume+, the difference is the paid version allows you to boost the volume a bit higher and also allows you to set equalizer settings and the free version doesn't. 


4a. For Volume+ users, click on Speaker Settings to adjust the volume of the speakers, Bluetooth Settings to adjust the volume of Bluetooth enabled devices attached to the Nexus 7, or Headset Settings to adjust the volume of plugged in, wired headsets.

4b. For Speaker Boost users, simply slide the blue dot over to wherever you want the volume level to be boosted by and then hit back to save it. Simple, enjoy!

5a. For Volume+ users, once you choose which option you want to adjust, check on Audio Modifications to enable all the options beneath it.


6a. For Volume+ users, select Simple Volume Boost and select whatever level you want it boosted to. I'd suggest 8 (the max) for the free version or, if you bought the paid version, you can set it anywhere from 1 all the way to 20. Enjoy!


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  • sinead Says:

    Thank you just installed speaker boost nexus7 2012 thank you what a difference was about to throw it in the bin. It's a miracle

  • Paul Pearson Says:

    I tried both suggested apps , on my Nexus 7 the Speaker Boost worked best . Thank you for the info
    Paul Pearson 07/Nov/15

  • Fabian Says:

    Thanks for the info. Had an issue where I could hardly hear movies playing when I was on the train. Tried the Speaker Boost free version on my Nexus 7...lollipop 5.0.2...and it worked like a charm.

  • Paul Says:

    Seriously ? when I held in and over pressed my volume button towards the max on JB+ I got a message that said if I wanted to go beyond the parameters of installed sound.
    I cannot get the message again.

    crazy stuff. surely Google would have tested the device during manufacture and design before selling them??

  • Derek Says:

    Seriously? These are a joke. What possessed or paid you to write this????????

  • ja Says:

    Neither app does shit on a nexus 7, just like 5 others off playsgore. Grrrr

  • pimpin Says:

    This app does NOT work on android 4.2 or above. All android products are now Useless for music. Unless they fix his on the next update, i'm selling mine.

  • Kevin Says:

    Still doesnt work on nexus 7 jellybean 4.2.2. Makes the volume softer, not louder.
    Funny, you have a few thousand users, JellyBean has millions, yet you say must be a bug in their system. Interesting.

  • Joe Sherwood-Taylor Says:

    Did the author of this article actually try what he has written?

  • mdksa Says:

    These do not work on my Nexus 7
    I'm terribly disappointed :(

  • keefe higgins Says:

    Does not work with my JB either, anything else that can boost the volume a bit?

  • Jeff Says:

    No change. Other 'boosters' definitely malware and install various links and search services.

  • db87 Says:

    It's just malware.

  • Bbutt Says:

    It does claim not to work with JB, but not till after I purchased it.

  • Bbutt Says:

    Also purchased for Jellybean 4.2, lowers volume. Waiting for debug.

  • Pakeha Boy Says:

    Does anyone have any other ideas on how to boost the sound volume if the above don't?
    Quite disappointed in how loud the nexus can go......

  • Nope Says:

    This does not work on a Jellybean 4.1 stock rom either. Maybe people reporting that it does are suffering a placebo effect?

  • jose david garcia Says:

    I can also confirm that this lowers volume on my nexus 7 jellybean 4.2.1

  • Saud Says:

    It does not work for jellybean 4.2.1 instead it lowers my volume -.-

  • Phil halliwell Says:

    do you have a fix in the works for this or are your hands tied by jellybean/
    phil h.

  • k4r4su Says:

    Same for me, it doesnt works
    Nexus 7, Jelly Bean 4.2, ClearRom 2.5.

  • Alexander R Pruss Says:

    I am the Speaker Boost developer. I suspect a bug in 4.2.1 or else Google having turned the API off. One user reports that Speaker Boost lowers volume on 4.2.1, which suggests a bug in the OS.

  • none Says:

    Unfortunately none of these seem to work with 4.2.1. They load and run but have no affect.

  • sam Says:

    It does not work on android jelly bean, 4.1

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