How to Root the Nexus 7

Want to get more out of your Nexus 7? You should root it. Some of the benefits include overclocking the device to increase performance, loading different versions of Android on it (maybe you like the HTC Sense UI and want that on your Nexus 7), and even things like getting Adobe Flash running.

Whatever your reason, it's pretty easy to root  the Nexus 7, so why not give it a try? If you don't like it, you can always unroot it.

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1. Head to this procedure (opens in a new window) to setup the ADB drivers for your device, once done, head back here to continue.

2. Download the WugFresh ToolKit and save it to your desktop of your computer.

WugFresh ToolKit (Scroll down to Downloads and click and download the exe file there)

3. Plug your device in via USB cable to the computer.

4. Double click the exe file to install the program.

5. Right click the WugFresh toolkit and say Run as Administrator.

6. When it launches, select the Nexus 7 as your model.

7. Click on the Full Driver Installation Guide and follow the steps to install the drivers.

8. Click on Backup and choose what you want to backup and wait for that.

9. Once done, select Unlock.

10. Choose Yes on the device.

11. Go through the regular setup process on the device until you get to the home screen.

12. Go to Settings > Developer Options > and turn USB Debugging ON.

13. On the computer, check Flash Custom Recovery and click Root in the program on the computer.

14. Wait for it to finish, then click on SuperUser and then click OK to install the binaries.

15. Once it’s done, go to BusyBox Installer and open it and install Busybox (select Grant when asked to give it permissions). If that works, you are rooted.

16. If you want to flash a custom recovery and/or ROMs after this, head here.

If this procedure helped you, please thank/donate to WugFresh over at XDA!

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