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Hands-On with Sonomax Eers SD150 Headphones: Make Your Own Custom Headphones

Las Vegas -- Purchasing headphones can be a gamble -- especially earbuds. Since you can't try on the buds in the store, you can never going to be sure they'll fit which can drastically effect the sound. Sonomax Technologies has created a way to deliver great audio with a comfortable fit without breaking the bank.

In order to get the best sound, the buds have to form a tight seal in your ears which means the buds need to have a near perfect fit. That usually means paying a trip to the audiologist, getting a mold of your ears, and paying a headphone company to create a custom set of buds. After all the work and labor, you get a sweet pair of earbuds and a large bill. Sonomax cuts out a lot of the expensive by putting the custom-fitting in your hands.  After choosing either the $199 Sonomax eers SD150s or the $299 Sonomax eers SD250s, music listeners can create their own custom headphones in a matter of minutes.

The SD150 earbuds have a single driver in each ear while the SD250s have dual drivers. Both sets of  buds have enhanced bass.

Unboxing either set of in-ear headphones reveals the buds affixed in Sonomax's unique fitting system, a small bottle of vitamin E gel, and a case for the finished headphones. A small amount of silicon contained within the fitting system flows into the buds expanding them creating the tight seal needed to shut out ambient noise while enhancing music.

For our hands on, we used the eers SD150 in-ear headphones.  The Sonomax rep coated each of the earbuds in vitamin E gel that's included in the packaging. The gel allowed the buds to easily slip into our ears and settle in for a comfortable fit. From there, our rep hit the activation switches on both sides of the system. We immediately felt a small amount of pressure and outside noise quickly became muted.

Before all the sound was shut out, we were instructed to stay still and calm for five minutes as the silicon set inside the buds. In order for the fitting system to create the most accurate fit, it was imperative that we remained still. Talking or sudden facial movements causes facial bone movement which could disrupt the mold. 

After approximately five minutes, our new earbuds were complete. Our rep snapped on the faceplate, wiped off the gel and handed them to us. We put the buds in and played a number of different tracks including Alanis Morrisette's "Head Over Feet,"  Anita Baker's "I Apologize," and Redman's "I'll Be Dat." The SD150s delivered clear, crisp, audio across genres. Aside from the audio and the custom fit, we really liked the look of the SD150s. The faceplates and ear wraps are a glossy black while the cord and eers logo are done in a bold tangerine. 

Sonomax's innovative system gives music lovers an affordable, comfortable way to listen to their music with headphones as unique as they are.