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Google Leaks Possible Nexus 5 in KitKat Video

Google made a big buzz by announcing Android KitKat yesterday, and the software giant may have accidentally revealed its latest phone in the process. In a promotional video released alongside the new OS announcement, a Google employee can be seen using what looks like the rumored Nexus 5.

The video, which has been taken off of YouTube as of this morning, depicts a crowd of Google staffers celebrating the reveal of the Android KitKat statue on the front lawn of Google HQ. The large group in front of the California Googleplex can be seen snapping pics of the new candy bar-themed Android robot, and one particular employee is using a Nexus phone that looks significantly bigger than the Nexus 4.

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In comparison to the Nexus 4 being used by the woman next to him, the employee's potential Nexus 5 displays the Nexus logo horizontally, and has a larger camera lens than any current Nexus product. A small LG logo can be found on the back of the phone, which means that the two mobile powerhouses will be teaming up again for Google's next device.

With the Nexus 4's prices recently being slashed, a successor to the smartphone is inevitable. If you'd like to see the purported Nexus 5 in action for a brief second, The Verge has republished the video.