New Video Shows Galaxy Tab S4 in All Its Glory

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 is quickly becoming one of the worst-kept secrets in mobile gadgets.

A video surfaced on YouTube on Thursday (July 26) that purports to show the Galaxy Tab S4 in all its glory. And although it's only ten seconds long, it goes a long way in shedding light on what we can and cannot expect from Samsung's tablet.

The Galaxy Tab appears to be on sale in the video where a person is picking them up and showcasing the front and back. The front of the device comes with a black finish and the rear has a white finish.

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Seemingly confirming several earlier rumors, the tablet in the video doesn't come with a physical home button on the front. The move allows Samsung to expand the size of its screen and reduce the size of the bezels around the display. But in an odd twist, the tablet appears to come with a somewhat thick bezel that doesn't make it feel like the newest and latest slate on the market.

When the person flips over the tablet in the video, it appears to come with a glossy backplate to make it more attractive. There's also a single-lens camera on the back, confirming rumors that the tablet wouldn't ship with a dual-lens array.

Aside from that, the video, which was earlier reported on by Slashleaks, sheds no light on what we can expect inside the tablet. It also doesn't reveal how much the device would cost or when it'll launch. And since the video wasn't confirmed by Samsung, we should take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

Still, we know that the Galaxy Tab S4 is launching somewhat soon. The tablet will likely be unveiled at IFA Berlin at the end of August, according to reports. Until then, look for more leaks and rumors.