Samsung Has Plans for an 'Advanced' Tablet

Samsung is working on an all-new tablet that could be known as the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2, according to a new report.

Samsung recently published a support page on its website that points to a tablet with the model number SM-T583. The problem is, that model has never been released, prompting many to question what the company might have up its sleeve. The conversation becomes even more interesting when you consider that the same model number also cropped up in a recent Bluetooth certification listing. And that listing said that the slate could be known as the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2.

According to SamMobile, which discovered the leak, there's reason to believe that the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 could be the successor to Samsung's Galaxy Tab A 10.1. The site points out that the 2016 version of the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 came with an SM-T580 model number. It's possible that Samsung has jumped to SM-T583 this time around.

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It's also worth noting that Samsung didn't launch a 2017 version of the Galaxy Tab A 10.1, so if the company is indeed planning a new version, now would be the time to think about it. Samsung did, however, launch an 8-inch Galaxy Tab A last year.

So, what exactly might Samsung be up to with its Galaxy Tab Advanced 2? It's hard to tell. The certifications and support page don't discuss any features that might  be finding their way to the slate, and Samsung itself hasn't announced any plans for an upcoming tablet launch.

However, Samsung's decision last year to forgo the launch of a 10.1-inch slate and instead offer an 8-inch tablet could be telling. And it seems possible that the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 would ship with a 10.1-inch screen like the earlier model. SamMobile argues that it might also come with Samsung's S Pen stylus and attempt to attract shoppers that might not want to fork over as much cash for the Galaxy Tab S4.