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Details on Amazon's Kindle Tablet Begin to Surface

New details are coming out about what is quite possibly the most anticipated tablet this side of the iPad 3. Last week, TechCrunch's MG Siegler reported that he was able to spend some time with a 7-inch version of the tablet, which is reportedly named the Amazon Kindle. 

Although no images of the tablet have leaked out (yet), Siegler said the tablet looks a great deal like RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and will run on a forked version of Android, meaning that it will use the Google OS as a base for Amazon's own customized user interface. The Amazon Kindle is also expected to run off of a single-core processor. Siegler confirmed what that the device will feature a full complement of Amazon apps including the Amazon Android Appstore, Amazon Instant Video player, Amazon Cloud Drive, and of course the Amazon Kindle app.

As expected, Amazon will also draw on its services to entice users into purchasing the new tablet. For instance, Siegler reports that the Kindle will come with a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. The service, which is available for $79.99 per year, provides users with a variety of perks including access to Amazon's Instant Video collection, free two-day shipping on Amazon purchases, and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Amazon has, as our own Mark Spoonauer points out, is the incredible amount of exposure the tablet will receive simply by being advertised on Amazon's website. That type of advertising could all but assure some modicum of success. Throw in the tablet's reported $250 price point, and it looks like Amazon has a serious contender on its hands.

via TechCrunch