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Cool Headphone Craze Continues With True Blood Collector's Edition

The battle to control the budding market for entertainment-themed headphones just got bloody. Yet another edition of True Blood headphones by V-MODA were released today, the company and HBO announced in a press release. In the same celebrity vein as headphones by Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Diddy, today’s series takes a step closer to sealing the nail in the coffin of the antiquated, not-cool regular headphone industry.

The event will also initiate a separate struggle in which bloggers try to squeeze as many undead puns into one post as possible.

Called True Blood Maker, the series is a limited edition with only 400 devices that are individually numbered so you know there’s NO WAY they made more than 400. The earphones are similar in design to V-MODA’s Revamp edition, with in-ear buds made of silicon, zinc die casting, and a Kevlar-reinforced fabric cable (presumably doubling as a small-mammal bungee cord).

In True Blood fashion, the pendant on the cord is a small coffin; it’s unclear if it can be opened or if there’s anyone inside. At $150, the True Blood collector headphones are perfectly priced for ... people who collect true blood headphones. They can be purchased online at HBO and V-MODA’s websites, as well as the HBO store in New York. The MAKER headphones will likely be very similar in quality to REVAMP, which pumped solid tunes through comfortable in-ears with a rumbling bass.