Consumer Reports: Don't Buy Microsoft Surface

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Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendation of Microsoft's Surface line of laptops and 2-in-1s, following a survey of its users suggesting that the machines aren't reliable enough. Specifically, the "predicted reliability" is worse than other brands, the magazine says.

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Following the subscriber survey of over 90,000 readers, Consumer Reports estimated that 25 percent of devices would have issues by the second year of ownership. The issues included freezing, unexpected shut downs and unresponsive touch screens, but the non-profit didn't list how many of each complaint it got.

Microsoft disputes the survey.  “While we respect Consumer Reports, we disagree with their findings. Microsoft’s real-world return and support rates and customer satisfaction data show we are on par if not better than other devices in the category," a Microsoft spokesperson told Laptop Mag. "We stand firmly behind the quality and reliability of the Surface family of devices and continue to make quality our primary focus.”

Some of Microsoft's Surface devices have earned Laptop Mag's Editors' Choice award, including the Surface Pro and Surface Book. We still recommend them.

Consumer Reports last made a stir in the laptop world in December when it didn't recommend Apple's MacBook Pros after spotty battery life testing. The magazine reversed course in January after Apple issued a patch.

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  • Chris Schact Says:

    Do you still recommend them because of advertising? That's one reason influence that Consumer Reports is immune to.

    If you want to build some trust with your readers, you should really go after the manufacturers when they have a systematic defect and get them to own up to them. I'm watching several threads on the HP forums where 2016 Spectre x360s have had components explode and smoke on users after 1 1/2 years. HP to its credit has taken care of most of those showing up on the forums with the problem.
    Microsoft, on the other hand, was terrible when they had battery fuel gauge problems on their Surface 3. They just totally stonewalled everyone on the problem, not giving any hint as to the problem and their progress on a fix. Many users were charged hundreds of dollars for a refurb unit while MS did not admit to a problem. I wouldn't be surprised if bad customer service has contributed to MS's bad reliability ratings.

  • Decki Kwok Says:

    The executives at Ms are blinded by the issues the users are facing. We buy a device for it's hw and sw. Sw alone I see issues with apps like non-detection of stylus on google keep and terrible syncing on one note - 2 of the reasons to get a 2 in 1 with surface pen. Hw is worse. Stylus disconnects.. keyboard connects but does not respond to key presses - only works after restart. As a note taking device I'm much better off now with my note 2014 10.1! Now I'm seriously considering Chromebook pro to use alongside my 3 work-issued mbprs. I hate the touchbar but it's not painful like the issues with surface pro. I will never recommend a surface pro to anyone; there are really better alternatives.

  • omegatalon Says:

    Microsoft hardware is strangely not fully compatible with WIN which means firmware patches and blue screen of death besides the fact that Microsoft Surface products are not designed to be taken apart.

  • Jonus Alderan Says:

    Don'tell people what and what not to buy if you can't give any viable alternatives. Surface devices (apart from the laptop) don't have any alternatives. These one of a kind devices lead the market and set standards for other OEMs to follow. Regardless of their usability issues, they're the best atm.

  • Ronald L Abate Says:

    I used Apple and PCs in the past. Now, I use only Chromebooks - the least expensive, most trouble free and feature rich of the lot.

  • Larry Says:

    This is spot on. We have deployed dozens of these for our users and almost exactly 25% of them had a failure critical enough where we had to send them back. We had them on our standard configuration list since the Surface Pro 3 release but removed it a few months ago when our desktop support got tired of shipping them back to Microsoft.

  • Justin Purdy Says:

    Yeah, I've had tons of issues with my surface book pro since day one.

    Its a great product, if it works. It just frequently doesn't.

  • daniel Says:

    My surface had problems from day one with unresponxive touch screen. MS was no help at all.

  • Steve J. Sagan Says:

    "We still recommend them."

    Really?! With a 25% issues rate?!

    Pray tell why... not about its good qualities, but why an obvious red flag about its reliability should be ignored?!

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