iPad Stylus Review Roundup: Best Pen for Your Tablet

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As an infographics artist, I rely on a Wacom drawing tablet to get sketches into my computer. Drawing on the iPad has been challenging due to the limitations of the typical rubber-tipped stylus: difficulty in seeing what's under the wide stylus tip, and the headache of accidental taps caused by other parts of my hand resting on the iPad screen.

We evaluated a current crop of styluses, to see which ones are the most helpful on the iPad Air. Of course, the iPad Pro has the Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, other iPads, such as the Air and the mini, cannot pair with the Pencil, so I ruled that out.

A rubber-tipped capacitive stylus interacts with the screen the same way your fingertip does, so it is ready to use instantly. An active stylus contains a battery and must be powered on for the iPad to recognize it. Active styluses often have smaller, hard-plastic nibs in place of the rubber tip, making this type of stylus more precise.

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  • Mariposa Says:

    I am 80 with severe RA. I need a stylus to facilitate typing. Please advise

  • Jeff Says:

    I never use stylus on tablet before, for taking-note I use Beesy, I take my notes quickly, I share them easier. I don't know how it is with handy, can be better?

  • katie Says:

    i got a stylus and i love it because in the classroom i use it with doceri when i did not have a stylus my fingers got blisters

  • Manus Says:

    It's nonsense for me to buy a stylus for drawing on ipad. I choose to draw on galaxy note or others to complete my job. This's not cost effectiveness to start with ipad to draw!

  • MJ Says:

    Like Tani W., I'm also not a big fan of rubber-tipped styluses. I really like the TruGlide stylus from LYNKtec! The tip on that stylus is made from microfiber instead of the usual rubber. It works very well and really does just "glide" across the screen. Great stylus!

  • Tani W. Says:

    I was looking for a stylus with dual function. My only problem is that I have tried stylus with rubber tips and very simply, they're not for me. They're too noisy, you need to apply too much pressure and their life is very short.
    I kept researching and I found a stylus called The Writers Dream from Stylus-R-Us. Even better than I was expecting. It's a pen and the stylus part, telescopes. This was a great function for me because I can use it with my iPad as well as with my touch screen computer. The best, the tip is not rubber and you do not need to use any pressure at all.

  • Herb Says:

    Disappointing review. I expected to see some others styluses here, such as Adonit (especially with their new Bluetooth model) and some interesting ones from Kickstarter in the Cosmonaut and the new HAND.

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