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AT&T Introduces “Digital Life” Home Automation and Security System

In its first foray into the home automation sphere, AT&T has launched a new system called Digital Life, an IP-based platform that will let customers control and monitor their homes remotely from their PCs, tablets or smartphones. In fact, AT&T says there are no limits to the number and variety of devices users can connect to either, since this is an all-digital system.

Imagine being able to wirelessly manage your home's security cameras, window and door sensors; smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break sensors; door locks, thermostats, moisture detectors and appliances. It may sound futuristic, but these are exactly the kinds of things the carrier says you'll be able to do with its connected home system.

Intrigued? Unfortunately, you'll only get the chance to test out the system if you're based in Dallas or Atlanta, where the first round of trials will occur. AT&T purportedly plans to use a mix of Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and Ethernet technology, along with 3G modems, to get Digital Life up and running. Furthermore, the system will be professionally installed and monitored by 24/7 AT&T data centers, while overall trials will be watched by a newly-formed AT&T Digital Life group that will also work on developing the range of products. However, Digital Life subscribers will not be required to subscribe to AT&T's wireless services.

Pricing and commercial availability for the home automation system have yet to be announced, but rest assured we'll be bringing you the rest of the pertinent news on this topic as it arrives at CTIA 2012.