Apple Launches Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad to Replace iPad Air

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Say goodbye to the iPad Air 2. Apple has dropped the slim slate from its lineup in favor of a more-affordable 9.7-inch slate simply dubbed "iPad" that starts at just $329, but weighs a little bit more, tipping the scales at 1.03 pounds vs 0.73 pounds on the Air 2. 

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Don't expect brand new tech, though. The iPad shares similar specs to the late iPad Air 2, but bumped from an A8X to an A9 processor -- the same chip in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It's available in gold, silver and space gray with a Retina display.

It starts at $329 for 32GB of storage and Wi-Fi along with a 128GB model for $429. A 32GB model that supports cellular data will run you $459 for 32GB of storage and $559 for 128GB.

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That starting price is $70 less than the Air 2's starting price of $399. Notably, Apple has removed the iPad Mini 2 from its website but has left the iPad Mini 4. Other Apple updates today included Apple Clips, a video creation app, and a Project (RED) iPhone 7.

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