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Amazon 'Kindle Fire' Tablet Rumors: Resembles the PlayBook, Offers Tons of Digital Content

The Amazon Kindle tablet makes its debut tomorrow in New York City, but in the run-up to that 10 a.m. ET showtime, there are plenty of rumors on just how Amazon will tie in services such as Amazon Instant Video and the Kindle Reader app and on the upcoming slate's name, its look and feel, and internal specs.

TechCrunch reported yesterday that the Android Honeycomb tablet will be called the Kindle Fire and pegged the device to go on sale in the second week of November.

That hubbub joins fresh rumors that the slate will resemble another 7-inch device, the critically panned BlackBerry PlayBook. narrates the tale behind the devices' similarity, explaining that Amazon's eReader design team was first tasked with building the tablet, then passed on the offer to focus on the next generation of Kindle e-readers. In lieu of a designer, Amazon landed on Quanta, the folks behind the BlackBerry PlayBook.

According to a GDGT source, the slate's internal hardware isn't expected to impress.  

Although Amazon did refresh the ID of their PlayBook derivative, I'm told that this first tablet of theirs is 'supposed to be pretty poor' and is a 'stopgap' in order to get a tablet out the door for the 2011 holiday season -- which doesn't exactly leave the best taste in my mouth.

However, Amazon's Kindle tablet is eagerly anticipated for reasons beyond its internal technology, namely the services, features, and ease-of-use Amazon's healthy arsenal of digital content can afford tablet users looking for an Apple iPad alternative.

For instance, Peter Kafka at All Things Digital reports that three large magazine publishers -- Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith -- have all signed deals to sell digital publications through Amazon's marketplace, and the Amazon Kindlestore already sells more than 950,000 e-books. Just yesterday, the company announced 11,000 new additions to its digital store for online video and television, Amazon Instant, courtesy of  Twentieth Century Fox.

Amazon's big press event is less than a day away so expect confirmed Kindle Fire details tomorrow. Stay tuned!