How to Customize the Mac OS X Yosemite Notification Center

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Mac OS X Yosemite Notifications

Mac OS X Yosemite has a notifications center just like older versions of the operating system, but with Yosemite, Apple is adding extensions to allow you to get notifications about what you want. There will also be third-party extensions for the Notification center available from the app store. Here's how to tweak your Notification Center in Yosemite.

1. Open your notifications by clicking on the bulleted list icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Open Notifications

2. Click on the “Edit” button.

Edit button at the bottom

3. Drag an item to change the order.

drag and drop to reorder

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4. In the Items list on the right, choose extensions you want to add and click on the green plus icon to add them to your Notifications.

Green plus button to add new items

5. Click on the “App Store” button to see third-party extensions for sale.

app store to buy more apps

6. Click Done when you're finished.

done when finished

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  • galal hussein Says:

    hi , i have mac book air latest version and i installed yosemite but not notification center is not working at all, its icon is present at the upper right corner but it is just not working at all, i tried to use the track pad to show it up but it is not working, when i double click on its icon, nothing happens at all.... how to solve this problem please ????

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