Add Another to the Eee Family, 'Eee Monitor' Revealed

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If Eee mania hasn't set in yet, it's about to. Earlier this week pictures of the Eee PC 903, 904, and 905 were leaked. Joining these "unofficial" pictures of new Eee PCs are some shots of the Eee Monitor, or what looks to be an Eee PC all-in-one, which was first talked about by the Taiwanese company at Computex 2008.

Our ASUS rep had no specs on the monitor or availability. However, based on the photos, we're wondering whether this is actually a monitor or a new all-in-one PC or a rip off of the iMac.

To our discerning eyes, the monitor looks to be 19 to 20 inches and has a webcam centered on top of the display. Below the screen are controls for adjusting the brightness and contrast. The right side of the display sports 2 USB ports and a card reader.

In addition to 4 USB ports, the back of the monitor is strangely equipped with two Ethernet ports, three audio ports, one for a mic, and 2 audio-outs. What we don't see is a VGA or DVI port, making us wonder whether this is meant to be a monitor for an Eee PC or a self-contained all-in-one computer. If it's meant to serve as a monitor, it must also double as a docking station, because otherwise there's no reason to have Ethernet and audio ports.

The Denon logo on the bottom right of the display indicates that this potential all-in-one may have a built-in Denon amplifier and speaker system. If it is a standalone system, we suspect its CPU is none other than Intel Atom, but other than that we have no clue what's inside. The Eee Monitor has been rumored to have a built-in TV tuner and a starting price of $500.

Thanks to Sascha for the moral support.

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  • Brian88 Says:

    hmm. There must be a port or card or connector (something like that) on the eee pc box or eeepc for the connection. If it is a All-in-one PC, where's the CD/DVD Drive..??

  • Wouter Says:

    I wonder: if it sports a TV-tuner, where's the input cable connector?

  • Kola Says:

    Of course it's complete pc, pics give no doubts.

  • Mike Cane Says:

    Eh. Interesting. But at that rumored price, I wonder if this is going to be simply Atom or even Celeron-based.

    What they need is an EeePC Slab/Tablet.

  • Michael Bierman Says:

    I agree this is probably an "all-in-one" PC but the fact that there are USB ports on it hardly guarantees that. Lots of monitors have USB hubs for convenience. Anyway, cool find.

  • camel jockey Says:

    If it is running POS windows of any stripe, i would not care if it's free.

  • earlymorning Says:

    ... and the two audio ports are probably one for headphones, and one for line out.

  • erik Says:

    Great News! Thanks for this amazing pictures!

  • ton Says:

    wat is the use of a all in one if it cant decently play video

  • robvlc Says:

    Not even HDMi/VGA to connect any external device? strange :S

  • Philip Says:

    come on guys, skipped on the coffee? It's not 2 Ethernet ports, one of them's the size of a modem port

  • wile_coyote7 Says:

    The supposed "2 ethernet ports" are actually 1 ethernet port and 1 modem port (clearly seen on both rear shots).

    This is surely an all-in-one PC / Monitor combo of some kind.

  • World's Best Todd Says:


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