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Acer Liquid Leap Fitness Band May Be Free with Jade Smartphone

Here's one way to overcome consumer skittishness when it comes to wearable tech: give it away with your smartphone. Acer says that's a very real possibility with its new Liquid Leap band. It should be available in July.

Although there are a ton of fitness trackers on the market already, the Liquid Leap measures a mere 17 mm thick, which would make it one of the sleekest such devices on the market. The Leap will track your activity and also offer notifications, combining the functions of a smart watch and fitness band.

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The Liquid Leap wouldn't just pair with Acer's upcoming Liquid Jade Android phone. It may be bundled with the Liquid Leap band by certain wireless carriers. It's hard to argue with free, and this tactic could help Acer win carrier customers in the U.S., which has been very tough to crack for the company.

The Jade itself will sport a 5-inch display and a very thin curved design. However, Acer hasn't yet released any other specs on the device. 

We snapped a few shots of the Leap band, and it looks colorful and unobtrusive. Acer says the device won't be available in all markets where the Jade will be sold, but the company very much hopes that its bundling strategy will help it stand out.