Acer Debuts Tablet with Not One, But Two Micro-USB Ports

If you've ever looked at an Android tablet and thought "this would be perfect, if only it had more Micro-USB ports," Acer just made your dream slate. Announced today, the Iconia One 10 (B3-A40FHD) has dual Micro-USB ports so you can use one for charging and another for connecting to peripherals such as keyboards, mice or external hard drives.

In its press release, Acer says that the One 10's dual ports help it provide "enhanced productivity" because you can charge the device with one port, connect a mouse to the other, pair with a Bluetooth keyboard and do some work. However, we have to wonder how many people will want to buy a 10-inch Android tablet and use it like a notebook computer.

The tablet has a 10-inch IPS touchscreen so it is just large enough for doing semi-serious document editing and, with Android 7 "Nougat" on board, it can easily switch between windows for better multitasking. And you can forget about balancing the tablet on your lap. Unfortunately, unlike some competitors, the Iconia One 10 doesn't have a kickstand so you'll need to get a keyboard or some kind of case that can prop it up on a desk.

To connect the One 10 to any accessory, you'll need a USB OTG ("On the Go") cable which has a Micro-USB male on the end which connects to the tablet and a female USB Type-A port for attaching your peripheral. There's no word about whether Acer is providing one of these wires in the box, though you can buy one for under five dollars. Only one of the two Micro-USB ports supports OTG connections so you won't be able to attach a wired keyboard and mouse at the same time.

We find Acer's decision to market Micro-USB ports as a key feature a bit puzzling. Supporting OTG cables on a Micro-USB port is nothing new; most phones and tablets will already work with them. In 2017, the current tablets and phones use USB Type-C, which is reversible and compatible with a wide range of universal chargers and docks.

Iconia Tab 10: For Bold Colors

If you're more interested in work than play, Acer has another 10-inch Android tablet coming out: the Iconia Tab 10. Designed for watching videos, listening to music and playing games, the Tab 10's display uses Quantum Dot technology to offer strong brightness and vivid colors. The tablet is just 0.35 inches thick, but finds room for four speakers.

Both the Iconia One 10 and Iconia Tab 10 are powered by quad-core MediaTek processors and run Android 7.0. The slates also pack 802.11ac Wi-Fi and promise up to 8 hours of battery life.

The two tablets also come with several proprietary Acer software features. EZ WakeUp allows you to wake the tablet and launch a favorite app with a gesture. EZ Snap lets you take a screenshot with a three-finger pinch and EZ Mode makes the user interface more kid-friendly.

At press time, Acer did not disclose the price, release data or most of the key specs, including the screen resolution, for both tablets. We look forward to taking an up-close look at the new slates when they make their first public appearance at Computex Taipei next week.

Avram Piltch
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