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Able Planet Announces Noise-Cancelling and Wireless Headphones, Signature Series Earbuds

LAS VEGAS -- Able Planet had quite a bit up its sleeve for CES this year: the Clear Harmony NC1050, the True Fidelty IR210 and the Signatures Series Sport Earphones. All three products feature Linx Audio, a patented audio technology which replicates a "live" sound experience that's only available on Able Planet's cans. All three models will be on sale by the end of January.

First up are the Clear Harmony (NC1050) noise-cancelling headphones, Able Planet's new flagship product. These $349 babies include in-line controls for volume adjustment and ComfortFit over-the-ear cushions to block out sound. The 'phones will be compatible with the iPhone, and an airplane adapter—along with a home stereo adapter—is included in the protective carrying case. The NC1050 rocks a stylish, subdued design to boot, with a carbon fiber textured trim breaking up the cans' minimalist black.

Able Planet's next new product is the True Fidelity IR210, a wireless set with infrared technology to boost sound quality along with Linx Audio. The adjustable headband is designed to fold flat when the headphones are not in use, and four internal receiving diodes give you 360 degrees of sound from the transmitter, so you don't have to worry about losing audio when you move around. The transmitter comes with an audio cable for use with your TV, stereo or home theater. The IR210 will set you back $99.99 without the transmitter, and $129 with.

Last but not least, the company unveiled the Signature Series Sport Earphones (SI350CA) designed by artist Chris "Birdmann" Andersen. The $129 in-ear buds include a hook to keep them in place during workouts, and ComfortFit sound isolation tips help block ambient noise. There's also a multi-function controller for controlling playbacking and answering/making calls.