Best MacBook Air cases in 2024

Apple MacBook Air cases

Because of its diminutive size, the MacBook Air can easily be slipped into a large purse or briefcase. But if you want something designed specifically for this Apple laptop, you should consider opting for a dedicated case. And a nice one at that.

Apple recently announced the 2022 MacBook Air which features the company's new M2 chip which the company is promising notable improvements in performance. The notebook also sports slimmer bezels, an improved webcam and a sleek redesign.

So, if you're in the market for a new MacBook Air case, check out the following options. At least one should satisfy your quest for a compelling case to keep your Apple laptop protected.

Mosiso Plastic Hard Shell Case

(Image credit: Mosiso)

1. MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Case

A hard shell case available in myriad colors


Colors: 14
Weight: 5.8 ounces

If you're looking for a hard shell case that can keep your MacBook Air safe, the MOSISO Plastic Hard Case might be a good place to start. It comes in myriad colors, including red, black, blue and orange, and envelops the computer with a hard shell. It also comes with a screen protector to keep your screen safe. Bonus: It features full venting, so your Mac won't overheat. 

Inateck Laptop Sleeve Case Briefcase Cover

(Image credit: Inateck)

2. Inateck Sleeve Case Cover

A zippy case for on-the-go protection


Colors: 4
Weight: 8 ounces

If you're not so concerned about protecting your MacBook Air's clamshell and would instead prefer a carrying case, consider the Inateck Sleeve Case Cover. It fits a variety of devices, including the MacBook Air, and features a side zipper, so you can keep it safely inside. It's also made with protective materials, so if you drop the case, it'll hold up and limit damage. The cover's even liquid-proof. 

MOSISO MacBook Air 13 Case

(Image credit: MOSISO)

3. MOSISO MacBook Air 13 Case

A great case combo of function and style


Colors: 24
Weight: 12.3 ounces

If you're looking for something a bit more artistic, consider the pattern designs from MOSISO's MacBook Air 13 Case. It attaches to both sides of the MacBook Air's clamshell to prevent scratches and dings during use, and it comes in a slew of pattern options to suit your taste. It even offers a keyboard cover to keep your keys clean and a screen protector to limit damage. 

Ibenezer MacBook Air 13 Case

(Image credit: Ibenezer)

4. Ibenezer MacBook Air 13 Case

An attractive case that's easy to snap on and snap off


Colors: 25
Weight: 8.8 ounces

Ibenezer's MacBook Air 13 Case is another hard case aimed at protecting your MacBook Air from dings and scratches. And since it weighs only 8.8 ounces, it won't add too much heft to the computer itself. Better yet, the case works with newer Touch ID models, so you can still use this feature for accessing the machine. Ibenezer's computer case comes in a boatload of different colors, too. 

Kayond Canvas Case

(Image credit: Kayond)

5. Kayond Canvas Case

A great case for sitting on the dock by the bay


Colors: 5
Weight: 9.6 ounces

Kayond's Canvas Case is all about providing you with an elegant, protective case for your MacBook Air or iPad. It has two areas on the inside, so you can store both the MacBook Air and additional accessories, like a charger. And it zips around the device to keep it safe from dust. Plus, it's water- and shock-resistant, so you can limit the damage you'll do to Apple's computer. 

Supcase TPU Bumper

(Image credit: Supcase)

6. Supcase TPU Bumper

A rubberized case that can take some abuse


Colors: 2
Weight: 12 ounces

If you want a case that will provide the ultimate in protection and you don't mind the extra bulk, the Supcase TPU Bumper might be the way to go. It features a shock-absorbent wraparound design to fully envelop your MacBook Air in a protective case. It has rubber stands with full venting to limit overheating, and although it wraps around the computer, it will still let you access ports. 

LuvCase Leather Hard Shell Case

(Image credit: LuvCase)

7. LuvCase Leather Hard Shell Case

Add a premium touch with this leather case


Colors: 30
Weight: 11.2 ounces

LuvCase combines nice looks with plenty of protection in its Leather Hard Shell Case. The accessory features a hard shell that envelops your MacBook Air to keep it safe from dings. More important, it's wrapped in a leather material, so it looks nice on the desk. Better yet, it won't add too much thickness to your MacBook Air. 

Se7enline MacBook Air Case

(Image credit: Se7enline)

8. Se7enline MacBook Air Case

A slick MacBook Air case with rubberized feet


Colors: 28
Weight: 7 ounces

Another laptop accessories maker, Se7enline, offers a hard case that wraps around your MacBook Air to keep it safe. The case comes with a hard shell, but it's soft to the touch for easier use. And since it comes with both a keyboard protector and an LCD screen protector, it can also ensure every side of your computer is kept safe and sound. Like many other options in this roundup, the Se7enline case offers dozens of colors. 

MOSISO Polyester Vertical Style

(Image credit: MOSISO)

9. MOSISO Polyester Vertical Style

Protect your laptop with this water-resistant case


Colors: 29
Weight: 6.3 ounces

The MOSISO Polyester Vertical Style is another carrying case that goes a long way in keeping your MacBook Air safe. It offers a central area where you can zip it up to limit dust intrusion, as well as another compartment for keeping your paperwork. The case itself is made from polyester and has a fleece fabric lining. It also provides bump and shock absorption. Credit: Mosiso

Caison Genuine Leather Sleeve

(Image credit: Caison)

10. Caison Genuine Leather Sleeve

This slick sleeve will make a serious statement


Colors: 1
Weight: 4.8 ounces

If you're someone who prefers a more elegant case design, consider the Caison Genuine Leather Sleeve. It's made from genuine leather and has premium hides that are tanned and dyed to look great when it envelops your MacBook Air. Inside, it has a microfiber lining and offers some protection from what the company calls "everyday knocks."