How to Use Multi-touch Gestures on the iPad

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In addition to the tried-and-true pinch-to-zoom, iOS 5 includes a few new gestures to make iPad navigation faster and easier.

One-finger flick: Scroll to the left while in the Camera app to navigate through the images.

Four-finger and five-finger flick: Swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar. Swipe to the left to scroll through all open apps. Scroll to the right to cycle through the app you began with.

Pinch-to-close: Pinch the screen with five fingers to close an app and return to the home screen.

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  • Jim Says:

    I only have four fingers on one hand. Do I have to use two hands, or are some people five-fingered, along with a thumb :-)

  • Ariel Rudolph Says:

    I am sorry but the multi-gestures (4-finger swipe) which existed for developers in iOS 4.3.5, has been done away with with in iOS 5 :(

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