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Buying a MacBook is like getting a ticket to a land of fantastic new software. In addition to all the free apps that Apple gives to every buyer, both the Mac App Store and independent developers provide tools that make using your computer easier — and a little more fun. Our updated, must-have list includes an app that remembers your passwords, apps to keep track of your notes and to-dos, and apps to follow your package deliveries.

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  • Lukey Says:

    App Cleaner is Malware. Don't install it. I just tried and had to use a few different tools to remove it completely.

  • Desmond Says:

    Caffeine hasn't been update in years and doesn't really work well in OS X 10.10+. Use Amphetamine instead (free, also on the Mac App Store).

  • slimeyapple Says:

    -- Mailbox app is no longer working - and that happened around the time this article is dated. #keepingcurrent?)

    -- I agree, that I find it disheartening that there is not as many free mac apps as there had been in the past. [at one time mac was proud to offer many benefits that LINUX users have - such as legitimately free software. (This change makes me sad) --

  • majid Says:

    how can i delete aicon in mac pro

  • Mauricio Says:

    Funny also is that you are recommending apps which you don't even have a proper Mac screenshot form them. As if you read this stuff someplace else, and grabbed the images from google and post it.

  • Bill G Says:

    Funny that you should recommend Mailbox when it shut down in the last week:

  • Wuschel Says:

    That is something I miss from my Linux days: No body wants to sell you anything. On Mac every App is paid. The Bartender App für 15$ seriously? On Linux you would have that for free. Because somebody was annoyed by all the icons, created this little program and shared it with other people.

    I never use the App Store. It is crowded with stupid pay apps. Don't get my wrong, I am willing to pay for good software and I think, that people who create good software deserve the money. But on Mac every little App wants money.

    Love my Mac, but I hate that fact.

  • Yoda Says:

    Pixelmator? For $29.99, seriously?

    Must Gimp, free it is.

  • Ozy.M Says:

    When it comes to security below paired software should be considered

    – Beautiful Backup
    I use to prepare single bakcup folder for all my photos. Best and easiest that I could find.

    – Boxcryptor
    Encrypting my private files to store on cloud servers. I dont trust companies even they say they are secure.

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