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Mac OS X Beginners' Tips

Ready to make the leap to Leopard? Use these tips to obliterate the learning curve.


Mac-Switch-Tip-2_shThe Windows Way

You’d typically double-click a desktop icon, click a taskbar icon, or select an application from the Start menu. Minimizing a program is as simple as clicking the Minimize button, closing it takes a click of the Close button.

The Mac OS X Way

You’ll single-click a program located on the Dock to launch the application. The yellow Minimize button places an open window on the dock, while the red button closes a window. Although a closed window no longer appears onscreen, the program will remain open until you quit the application using the Menu Bar. Note that the Minimize/Maximize buttons are located in the upper-left portion of a window, which may seem backwards to longtime Windows users who are accustomed to those buttons being in the upper-right corner.
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