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PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available at Walmart today — how to get one

Xbox Series X with controller and PS5 with controller
(Image credit: Microsoft/Sony)

Purchasing any of the next-gen consoles has been a frustrating process for a lot of people with stock shortages predicted well into 2021 for the Xbox Series X

If you've missed out so far, your next chance is coming today from Walmart as the retailer tweeted that it will have the PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock online at 3 p.m. Eastern (12 p.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Central). 

As you can imagine, Walmart's site will likely be hammered, just like every other retailer, so being there and ready is hardly a guarantee, but with Walmart offering stock of both consoles at once, that might at least spread out the traffic a bit.

Here are the direct links to each of the consoles:

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Buy at Walmart

I would recommend getting to the site early and signing in and entering your payment information in advance for the best chance to secure your next-gen console.

Good luck!