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Microsoft is testing xCloud in browsers for iOS — Halo is coming to the iPhone

Microsoft Project xCloud beta
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The time to play exclusive Xbox games on Apple devices is nigh, as Microsoft is testing its xCloud gaming service on iOS and iPadOS-supported browsers. Finally, Halo on an iPhone.

Microsoft's gaming service is being tested on Chromium browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, according to sources via The Verge. With this, Apple users will finally get their hands on the cloud service, which caused quite a stir last year when both Google Stadia and xCloud didn't launch on the App Store

Gamers will get full access to the popular and ever-growing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library through browsers, and games will be able to be played in full screen and with an Xbox Series X|S controllers. Much like Stadia on iOS and iPadOS, this means users will be able to create a web app to add to their home screen and play away.

Microsoft is expected to roll out the cloud gaming service in Spring 2021, or at least show it off as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Windows 10 through the Xbox app and browser, and on iOS devices through a web browser. 

However, there may be limitations. Currently, xCloud only supports 1080p at 60 fps. Once it updates its Blade servers to its Xbox Series X standard, the cloud streaming service will support 4K resolution and higher frame rates. Keep in mind, this is still limited on Google Stadia's browsers for iPhone and iPad so it's a chance for Microsoft to get the upper hand.

Microsoft xCloud launched on Android devices last year, and it's already slated to be one of the best game streaming services around. And we can see why, as the best Xbox Game Pass PC games make it more than enough reason for iOS users to get excited.